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  • Jim Townsend

Rescue on Spring Break

Many people return from Spring Break trips with memories of spending time on the beach, relaxing by the side of a pool, or maybe even something more exciting like snorkeling or para-sailing.

A group of three Portland men recently returned from their Spring Break trip with a memory a bit more exciting then most. They may very well have saved a life.

Bryan Scheurer, Brad Russman and Ben Brown traveled to Anna Maria Island, Florida with friends and family. This was the third time the group had made the trip.

On Thursday, April 5th, the group was enjoying a typical day on the beach, but as they began to gather their belongings to leave, they were approached for help.

According to Jackie Fitzsimmons and Lindsay Russman, “Early in the evening while packing up our belongings to head in for dinner, we were approached by gentleman asking for help. He indicated there was a young lady stuck under the 6th Street pier near where we were sitting.”

They went on to say that, “Brad Russman, Ben Brown and Bryan Scheurer all took off down the pier to where everyone was standing. Brad and Ben jumped off the pier on one side and Bryan on the other. They could see the girl stuck under the pier, clutching the pillars as the waves tossed her around. Due to all the cement pillars and cross bars holding the pier up no one could get under the pier. The team coaxed her into taking their hands and helped pull her out one of the small openings of the pier. In the meantime, a bystander dialed 911 for help. As the team pulled her to shore, asking her name to keep her calm, the emergency vehicles arrived. The young lady only had a few scrapes from the cement pillars. Brad, Bryan, and Ben had many cuts and scrapes and were beat up from the waves, and the barnacle build up on the pillars. A few band aids and superglue helped put them back together.”

Fitzsimmons and Russman added, “We are proud of these guys for helping save her. The outcome could’ve been much different. Proud and very scary moment!”

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