• Aubrey Martin and Keanah Hernandez

NHS Students Create Student Writing Center to Help Improve Writing

This semester, Portland High School seniors Jacob Seiler and Ashley Allison started a student writing center for their National Honor Society project, but they ended up getting much more out of it. Seiler and Allison created the writing center to help students with their school essays. The writing center is located in the yearbook editing room at the high school, and the editors are available during cadre for help two days a week. Seiler and Allison have been helping students organize and format their essays so they can improve their grades. “It is a struggle for people to understand what they need to change, and it might be easier coming from a student rather than a teacher,” said Allison.

Helping students improve their writing is a goal for Allison because she plans on becoming a teacher after college, and she wants her future students to understand the importance that writing and solid communication skills have. “Writing is the foundation to do anything in life,” said Allison.

Seiler hopes that this year is just the start for the writing center. “I think through parent involvement and further staff awareness, the writing center could be an asset to PHS,” said Seiler. Allison, Seiler, and their teacher-adviser Alexandra Stamm see great value in the writing center. It can improve students’ academics and show the community what great students and staff that we have here at PHS. Stamm said, “the writing center means a lot to the students getting help, but it means just as much, maybe even more, for the students who are doing the editing. “I like the opportunity it gives fior me to give back to those who need it,” said Seiler. So far, the writing center has proven to be a valuable use of cadre time, and the editors hope someone will continue their project after their graduation.

Aubrey Martin and Keanah Hernandez are students at Portland High School.

Courtesy photo. Pictured in the photo from left to right: Jacob Seiler, Ms. Alexandra Stamm, Ashley Allison.

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