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  • James Townsend

Portland and Danby Townships Recycling Reminder

This is a reminder that Portland and Danby Townships will hold their monthly recycling event on February 24-25, from 8-5 each day, on Industrial Drive, just past Municipal Supply. For a complete list of what is acceptable, please visit the Portland Township website, and click on the recycling guidelines.

To save space in the bins, please be sure that all cardboard is flattened. Newspapers and magazines can be dropped in the Paper Gators that are located at all of the schools and many churches in town. Remember no plastic bags, no greasy pizza boxes and no cardboard beverage or food containers. (No frozen food boxes, no 6,12,15,24,30 pack pop/beer boxes).

If you would like to volunteer, please call Chris Jensen at 989-289-4071 or Dan Platte at 517-994-8086. Remember, this is only for residents of Portland and Danby Townships.

Most people are doing a great job following the rules but we are still receiving items that should be thrown in the trash. Adding items that are not recyclable drives up the cost for everyone and we know how important this service is for many of you.

Be sure to check or website if you ever have any questions.

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