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Reflections Photography Now Searching for 2019 Senior Reps

Reflections Photography of Portland has started the search for 2019 Senior Reps.

Owner Danielle Jorae says, “the chosen representatives receive two sessions for the price of one, along with a lot of free items throughout their senior year.” The cost of a single session is $125. “Additionally, they can earn $20 cash for each referral to Reflections Photography allowing them to quickly recoup their initial investment plus earn extra!”

For high school students graduating in 2019, they may apply now through the end of February. In March, Danielle says, “I choose who will be a representative. All this person has to do is tell their friends about their experience with me! That is it!”

Interested seniors can apply at You can also find more information on the Facebook event HERE.

If you are not a high school senior, but looking to have some professional photos taken this spring or summer, Danielle has some information that you might find helpful in choosing the right photographer for you in her blog HERE.

The images above are from the session of PHS 2017 senior Rylie Goodman. They show the behind the scenes shot taken by Rylie’s mom, Ronda Goodman’s cell phone, and the resulting image from Reflections Photography.

As for her background in photography, Danielle says, “Like many artists, I started young. I grew up with a camera in hand, and still have pictures of my sister posing with stuffed animals (true story) but even then I didn't know that I would be a young entrepreneur.” As for going professional, she says, “In 2005, I was blessed with the most important job, being a mommy to my first son. I wanted to remember all the moments that I shared with my new son, and have photos every step of the way because kids change so quickly. After spending a lot of time in those big box photo studios (simply because I had those super amazing coupon deals) I was slowly getting irritated. Not only were their waiting rooms small, cramped and I had to hold my toddler down, but the photos I received were big box material. At least a hundred other people had the same photo of their child! How frustrating when I had to pay big bucks for a photo with my hair sticking everywhere and they wouldn't Photoshop it OR retake the photo for me!

Something had to be done...and slowly Reflections Photography was born.”

For more information visit, or call 517-449-8759.

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