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  • Jim Townsend

Shamrocks Boys Shoot Lights Out in 76-58 Win Over Saranac

The St. Patrick boys basketball team hosted the Redskins of Saranac on Tuesday night, and the Shamrock offense was dominant in a 76-58 victory.

The Shamrocks hit a combined 17 three-point baskets. Seven by junior Brandon Scheurer, five by junior Nathaniel Leahy, four by junior Graham Wohlscheid, and one by sophomore Sam Mauren.

Scheurer would finish with 33 points, four assists and five rebounds. Leahy had 21 points, and 11 rebounds. Wohlscheid finished with 14 points and three rebounds. Senior Will Simon had five points and 10 assists, while Mauren had five points and two rebounds.

As for the 17 three-pointers, Shamrock head coach Mark Scheurer said, “I think that puts us in the record book somewhere for threes in a game, and I knew we shot it really well. I didn’t know how many we had, but I when you get Brandon and Nate and Graham, one thing we preach especially with those three, and you can throw Sam in there too, ‘when you get your feet - let it eat.’ A three is more than two, and we are undersized, and to their credit Graham and Brandon and Nate really work hard on their outside shooting in the off season, and I think it shows.”

Scheurer added, “I thought Sam did a great job on probably their main guy the Jackson kid who is always going to be undersized. He will be really undersized come Thursday against Mason Pline. And when Tanner (Lawson) gets rebounds right here and looking to kick it back out he is very unselfish. One thing about him with his passes is he has some heat to it and they are right there in the catch pocket. Not many big guys look to do that, and he did a really nice job. And Will Simon does not get enough credit for the minutes he plays, and he may have taken three shots tonight, but he works really hard, and puts the ball into people as well. Will, Sam and Brandon really shared the ball as well. It was a good team win tonight.”

The Shamrocks record moves to four wins and one loss on the year. They will host Fowler Thursday night.

(Editors note: Statistics for Brandon Scheurer and Nathaniel Leahy were corrected on 1/3/18).

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