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Great Business Changes Name

Back in the summer of 1982, Dr. Russ Willemin D.C., opened Willemin Chiropractic in Portland. The office and the sign has been at the corner of Grand River and East for a long time. Since opening, it has been a staple of the community, having helped literally thousands of local residents get out of pain and have better lives. A couple of months ago, it was decided that Willemin Chiropractic would be changing its name. As of the December 28th, the old sign faces were taken down and new ones put up in their place. As of January 1, 2018, the business will have a new name. It will now be known as Portland Family Chiropractic.

Dr. Willemin recently sold the business to Dr. Jason Williamson, who has been practicing here since 2013. Dr. Jason decided a change of name would be good, and since his last name is so similar to Willemin, he thought adding Portland in the name would be good, to easily distinguish where we are located. Dr. Jason said, “With my last name of Williamson, several people have asked me if I was Dr. Willemin’s son or if we were related. Confusion like that will hopefully be avoided with the name change. I also do not use my last name much in the office, instead I prefer Dr. Jason.”

For those wondering or worried things will change in Portland’s oldest, busiest, and most liked chiropractic office, there is nothing at all to worry about. When asked about that, Dr. Jason stated, “Nothing is changing except the name. Same great doctors, same great team, same great care! All 3 doctors are remaining on staff, including myself (Dr. Jason), Dr. Willemin, and Dr. Jennifer Culp. We will be open the same days and hours, and offering the best chiropractic care and massages in our wonderful town of Portland.”

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