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  • Jim Townsend

2017 PHS Boys Bowling Season Preview

PHS Boys Bowling Coach William Armour III sounds optimistic of his young team’s outlook for the 2017-2018 campaign. Armour has coached the PHS team for four years and says, “We have a young team with no seniors but a very competitive team. We have been working on making our spares, as well we have worked on our Baker games. We have four new bowlers on the team that are progressing as expected.”

The Raiders did not lose any players to graduation last year. Armour said, “The 10 returning bowlers that we have are competing daily to be one of the seven that will bowl for the Varsity team each match.”

Armour has high hopes for brothers Jack and Luke Dalman. “These young men are expected to carry a 200 average this year.”

As for the rest of the returning bowlers, Armour says, “We have two cousins bowling again this year, Vaughn Cross and Evan Warner. These young men will be crucial to our success I believe they will average 185 or better. Then we have Mcguire Smiley, Bennett Rushin, Liam Bowerman, Aiden Pung and Jarod Huhn who have significantly improved over last year. It will be Tough to choose the top 7 bowlers each match.”

The team also features four freshman this year in Joshua Krausz, Austin Nardone, Brandon Ladisky and Josh Rutkowski.

The team is also confident in their prospects for this year. Armour said, “The team’s goal is to finish 1st in the CAAC and go to the state finals as a team and get four individuals to make it to states. These might seem to be lofty goals, but I truly believe they are attainable.”

2017 Roster

Name Grade

Vaughn Cross 11

Evan Warner 11

Mcguire Smiley 11

Jack Dalman 11

Jarod Huhn 11

Aiden Pung 11

Bennett Rushin 11

Luke Dalman 10

Liam Bowerman 10

Joshua Krausz 9

Austin Nardone 9

Brandon Ladisky 9

Josh Rutkowski 9

2017 Schedule

Date Opponent Location Time

12/10/17 Tournament Royal Scot (Away) 9:00 AM

12/11/17 Waverly Meadow Bowl (Home) 3:15 PM

12/15/17 Eaton Rapids Char Lanes (Away) 3:15 PM

12/19/17 Holt City Limits (Away) 3:00 PM

1/3/18 Jackson Airport (Away) 3:15 PM

1/5/18 Lansing Eastern Meadow Bowl (Home) 3:15 PM

1/8/18 Grand Ledge Royal Scot (Away) 3:15 PM

1/10/18 Mason City Limits (Away) 3:00 PM

1/12/18 DeWitt Royal Scot (Away) 3:15 PM

1/14/18 Tournament M66 Bowl (Away) 9:00 AM

1/16/18 Ionia Ionia (Away) 3:15 PM

1/22/18 Haslett Meadow Bowl (Home) 3:15 PM

1/26/18 Eaton Rapids Meadow Bowl (Home) 3:15 PM

1/29/18 Mason Meadow Bowl (Home) 3:15 PM

1/30/18 Waverly Royal Scot (Away) 3:15 PM

2/2/18 Ionia Meadow Bowl (Home) 3:15 PM

2/3/18 Zeeland Tournament GR (Away) 8:30 AM

2/5/18 DeWitt Meadow Bowl (Home) 3:15 PM

2/9/18 Grand Ledge Meadow Bowl (Home) 3:15 PM

2/11/18 CAAC Tournament Royal Scot (Away) 8:00 AM

2/20/18 Haslet City Limits (Away) 3:00 PM

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