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  • Jim Townsend

Add Your Local Non-Profit to Our Annual Giving Guide

As the end of 2017 quickly approaches, The Portland Beacon is developing a local giving guide. This guide will be a detailed list of local non-profit organizations operating in our community. It will include a description of the organization, some basic contact information, and instructions on how you could make a donation to the organization.

Some studies show that individuals often do up to 25% of their annual charitable giving between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we would like to get this guide published quickly.

To be listed in the 2017 guide, organizations should email with the following information no later than Friday, December 8th. We intend to post the guide on Sunday, December 10th.

Needed Information:

  • Organization’s Legal Name.

  • Other name the organization may be known as.

  • Mailing address.

  • Web site.

  • Contact person name.

  • Contact person phone number.

  • Email address.

  • Brief description of the organization and its activities.

  • Instruction on how someone could make an end of year contribution to your organization.

  • Photo or logo representing your organization.

To be included in this guide, organizations must be located in or have operations in Portland, Michigan, or neighboring communities. We know very well that there are regional and national non-profits worthy of support, but the purpose of this guide is to promote local non-profits only.

Organizations must also be a legally registered non-profit organization in the state of Michigan.

Any questions about having your local non-profit included in the guide should be sent to

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