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  • Margery Briggs on Behalf of Downtown Portland

Festive Downtown Storefront Delights Onlookers

Recently, the downtown district of the City of Portland was treated to a spectacular event. Mark Lewanski and Mary Simcox unveiled their 'Shining the Light on Portland Holidays' window display in their “The Glassbox Guy” storefront at 170 Kent Street; an all-white fantasy land that is a pure delight! Since posting the event on Facebook, the video and photo have received over 12,000 hits.

Mark said that they have been unable to participate in previous years due to his busy schedule of traveling to art exhibition shows around the country, where he displays and sells his very unique, award winning, glass art creations ( “There are no more shows for the rest of the year, so we had extra time. We wanted to participate in making the downtown look beautiful, and to add to the experience. We wanted to do it up, ‘big city style’! Mary and I had a concept that we have been working on; all white, some purchased items, but many home-made. We spent three solid days creating the trees, each made from different materials.” Mark smiles as he recounts one of Mary’s favorite sayings: “Anything worth doing, is worth Overdoing!”

“The City of Portland greatly appreciates their extra effort. You will want to include The Glassbox Guy store in your Christmas Lights tour this year!” stated Mike Judd, of Portland Downtown’s Design Team

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