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  • Jim Townsend

The Portland Beacon Announces New Weekly Email Newsletter

The Portland Beacon is pleased to announce that we have started producing a weekly email newsletter. This newsletter will provide a weekly recap of all our stories from the previous week, as well as a look at our community calendar for the upcoming week. In this weekly newsletter email format, you will have the convenience of all the week’s news delivered right to your inbox.

We feel that subscribing to this weekly email is important for our readers as the newsletter will serve as a tool for making sure you have seen all the important news of the previous week. If you use social media, such as Facebook, to get your news, you may not be seeing the most recent posts from The Portland Beacon in your new feed, even if you selected “see first” in your following settings. Plus, if you did not check your social media feeds for a day, you may have missed an important article that you would have loved to read.

Please rest assured that we will not share or sell these emails to anyone else. They will only be used for our weekly email newsletter and perhaps an occasional breaking news announcement.

To sign up for the weekly email newsletter, you can fill in the fields on the left side of our home page, or you can click HERE.

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