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  • James Townsend

Help Wanted

The Portland Beacon needs your help. There is simply too much going on in this great town for one person to cover it all. We are looking for volunteer citizen journalists to contribute content on local news and events that they are passionate about.

Whether it about bowling, the school board, cars, city council, the arts, politics, or even beer! Portland has it, and we know someone would enjoy learning more about it.

We have several story ideas in the works too, so if you are interested in writing and just need something to get you started, we can help you there.

Submissions do not have to be a traditional article. If you have an opinion you want to share, and you can thoughtfully and clearly express it, we want to hear from you too.

We are also looking for photo essays.

Please do not let the fact that our first two posts were about high school football deceive you. The Portland Beacon will not be focused on sports alone. With two high schools in the town, high school sports will certainly play a large part in our coverage, but we hope to cover all things Portland.

We are only looking for volunteers at this time. We don’t have any revenue coming in yet to pay for content, and we want to be completely up front with that.

If you want more information, please email

Disclaimer: Ownership of The Portland Beacon controls all content on its site. While we value and solicit submissions, not all submissions will be posted. Management can and will decline posting content that it feels is in any way not in line with the goals of The Portland Beacon.

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