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  • Jim Townsend

New Local News Site Dedicated to Portland Community

The Portland, Michigan, community now has its own hyperlocal online only news site - The Portland Beacon.

Our mission is to brief the residents of Portland, Michigan, about the current affairs of this community, by serving as a fair, accurate and transparent information source. Our goal is to serve as a steward of the community by educating citizens so as to encourage a more engaged and vibrant community.

Why a "Beacon?" Because a beacon is designed to draw attention to something, and that is what we intend to do.

Over the past several years, the focus on this community from existing news sources seems to be continually diminishing. Sometimes it is truly difficult to even find a single piece of content based on a person, business or organization from this community. We plan to stop that trend.

We intend for this site to help us celebrate our successes, honor those we have lost, shed light on darkness, and build a more informed community. To be an accurate source of information for all things Portland.

We cannot be successful in this endeavor without you. We need your help. Send us news tips, as well as your feedback to make us a better news source. Share your stories with us. Become citizen journalists and write your own articles. If you have a local business, please consider advertising with us to help fund this local endeavor. We are all about local. We have no plans on charging for access to this site, but we will need financial support to cover everything we intend to do. For now, we are starting as a bare bones operation.

We plan to take advantage of social media and other digital tools to promote truthful, local news, right here in Portland. We look forward to taking this adventure with you!

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